Thursday's and Friday's Questions with Brenda's Book Beat


BBB: Do you write about your hometown? people you know? Places you have been? which and why?

EH: For the most part, no. Instead of writing what I know, I find it much more interesting to write about what I’d like to know. That’s enabled me to learn about the lives of elite figure skaters, the contestants and producers of a reality TV show, and most recently, life in a far away and unusual place.


BBB: Do you think you write better at a certain time of day?

EH: Ideally, mornings are best, but life doesn’t always cooperate, so I’m learning to write when I have the opportunity.

BBB: Do you keep "office hours' or do you work all day?

EH: Since I balance fiction writing with freelance journalism, I do keep office hours. Mine are roughly 8 am to 4 pm. Sometimes, evenings are necessary if I can’t get everything done.